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What is the .ACCDB file type?

Associated with the Microsoft Access 2007 Database (ACCDB) file type, the .accdb extension belongs to the newer database file format introduced with Microsoft (MS) Access 2007. Part of the MS Office suite, MS Access is a relational DBMS based on the proprietary Microsoft JET Database Engine (since MS Access 2007, Access Database Engine, ACE).

An .accdb file is an MS Access 2007 database. Compared to the previous MDB format, ACCDB adds more data types, provides better embedded file management and database security, while lacking the replication and user-control features present in MDB. MS Access 2010 uses a different, enhanced version of the ACCDB format, not always compatible with MS Access 2007. An .accdb database can be "locked" to open in the runtime-only mode by changing its extension to .accdr.

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