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What is the .BSX file type?

Primarily, the .bsx extension belongs to the Bluebeam Stapler Batch File (BSX) file type. Bluebeam Stapler is part of Bluebeam Revu, a commercial document flow management application developed by Bluebeam Software, Inc.Bluebeam Stapler is focused on creating multi-page PDF documents (or bitmap images) from individual office documents or their combinations (batches).

Bluebeam Stampler uses the BSX file type to identify its batch project files. A .bsx file is a plaintext UTF-8 (Unicode) file that stores all settings of a Bluebeam Stapler project in a hierarchically structured XML representation.

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Quite differently, the .bsx extension is also utilized to label BASIC Stamp program files. Basic Stamp is a programmable micro-controller device module based upon the Parallax PBASIC interpreter chip the size of a postal stamp. Parallax PBASIC micro-controller modules are used to drive servo motors and control various electronic circuits.

In this context, BSX files are text-based files that contain source code of programs written in the PBASIC programming language. Such .bsx programs are loaded into the chip to be interpreted and run by it.

Lastly, the .bsx extension can be alternatively associated with the BrickStore XML Data (.bsx) file type. BrickStore is an open-source cross-platform application by BrickForge to keep inventory of Lego(TM) building bricks, find parts for sale/purchase and exchange parts lists. A BrickStore .bsx file is a text-based file with a structured XML list of Lego parts inside.

Software to open or convert BSX files

You can open bsx files with the following programs: