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What is the .DOWNLOAD file type?

The .download filename extension is used to define the status of a file rather than its format or file type. This extension is used by popular web browsers and download managers to show that a file is currently being downloaded and the downloading process is not complete yet. The .download extension can be appended to any other filename with or without an extension.

A .download file would be constantly updated by the browser until the download is complete. After that, the .download extension will be removed, and the file will be renamed with its original filename. Leftover DOWNLOAD files with no active download tasks in browsers/download managers are partially downloaded files due to broken or paused downloads. In most cases, those can be resumed within a certain period of time if the .download files are left intact.

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Software to open or convert DOWNLOAD files

You can open download files with the following programs:
Safari by Apple Inc.
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YouTube Downloader Pro