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What is the .RTO file type?

Primarily, the .rto extension's association belongs to the Rumba File Transfer Profile (RTO) file type/format. Rumba is an advanced terminal emulator and system administration kit for IBM eServer iSeries/System i (formerly, AS/400) mainframe machines by Micro Focus (formerly, NetManage). A mainframe is a powerful and failure-proof server, core of a corporate computing network or cluster.

There are mechanisms to handle the exchange of files between IBM iSeries mainframe machines and PC's. RTO is one of the transfer request formats used for that purpose.

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Alternatively, the .rto extension is used to denote the GeoView Rational Function (RTO) file type/format. RTO is an XML-based format used in GeoView, a well-established and internationally-recognized cartography system developed by IGN France. A GeoView .rto file is a plaintext file that contains structured tag markup in accordance with the GeoView XML schema.

Software to open or convert RTO files

You can open rto files with the following programs: