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What is the .6 file type?

The .6 and other numerical extensions can be most frequently encountered in association with versioned Pro/Engineer project files. A highly advanced and powerful CAD (Computer-Aided Design) system, Pro/Engineer by PTC is the leading engineering design tool in a number of industries.

Pro/Engineer uses a concept of versioned project files to provide abundant backup copies while building an ordered log of changes, making it easy to roll back if necessary. A versioned backup will be saved every time an attempt is made to save a project that has been changed. Thus, a .6 file is the sixth version of a project, saved before any further changes are made to the project.

Versioned Pro/Engineer project files retain the same file format and data structure and are usually saved into the same project directory.

Also, the trailing ".6" string in a versioned filename can easily appear or actually become a single-digit numerical extension. It can happen if filename extensions are not shown by the OS and/or file manager (MS Windows default behavior), or the original extension has been lost.

To determine the actual file type, one would have to turn off the "Hide extensions..." option in Windows, or look into the file's content with a hex editor or other tool to determine the actual file format.

As Unix-like operating systems do not rely on filename extensions to determine file types, in such OS'es strings like ".6" are normally just part of versioned filenames. Such filenames are usually used for shared libraries or library links (e.g., "libc.so.6").

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