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What is the .ADL file type?

In relation to Cobra CRM PLUS (previously, Cobra Address PLUS), commercial CRM (Client Relations Management) software from cobra – computer's brainware GmbH, the .adl extension represents the SQL Database Link (.adl) file type/format. The .adl file acts as a link to an SQL database used in Cobra CRM PLUS. It is not a database itself, but rather a shortcut to it, providing such data as the name of the database, its server's address, and login credentials. In Cobra CRM PLUS, one can connect to an SQL database only through an appropriate ADL file. ADL database connectors are usually saved in the "Data" subfolder of the Cobra CRM PLUS installation directory.

AquaSoft DiaShow 3, a legacy Microsoft Windows application from AquaSoft for authoring slide shows, used the .adl extension in association with the DiaShow Slide Show List (.adl) file type/format. An .adl file would represent a list of several slide shows created in AquaSoft DiaShow 3 or earlier and treated as one. Such slide show lists (.adl) were created using the DiaShow-Manager tool. AquaSoft DiaShow 3 was the last version to use the .adl file type, dropped in later versions.

With reference to an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) development tool and part of the Libero IDE from Actel Corp. named Actel Designer, the .adl extension is associated with the Actel ADL Netlist (.adl) file type and format. An .adl file contains a complete list of all interconnections in a given circuit, described in the Architecture Description Language (ADL). ADL netlists belong to source files that can be imported in Actel Designer (Libero IDE).

The .adl extension additionally has to do with openEHR, an open standard for keeping electronic health records (EHR) that relies on the concept of archetypes. In openEHR, archetypes are described in the Archetype Definition Language (ADL). Here, the .adl file represents a legacy, or 'flat' archetype definition (ADL 1.4). It is a normal text file (UTF-8) that contains human-readable ADL code. Starting from ADL 1.5, ADL files are assigned the new .adls (or .adlf) extension.

Apart from that, the .adl extension denotes the ASCII Display List (ADL) file type used with MEDM (Motif Editor and Display Manager), a graphical interface for creating control screens for the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) developed by Argonne National Laboratory. In this context, the .adl file is a human-readable text file with a MEDM display definition, openable in any text editor.

Software to open or convert ADL files

You can open ADL files with the following programs:
AquaSoft Stages
AquaSoft Stages by AquaSoft
Aml Pages
Aml Pages by G&G Software, Mazov Gosha aka Carc

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