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What is the .ADS file type?

The primary association of the .ads filename extension belongs to DiaShow (SlideShow in the English version), a paid slide show designer from AquaSoft GmbH. DiaShow uses the .ads extension for its slide show project files saved in AquaSoft's proprietary format. Here, the .ads file is a DiaShow/SlideShow project, a slide show.

DiaShow project files hold no images or video clips, as any such items are referenced externally. If the .ads slide show project is moved, its references to the multimedia content may become broken. For such cases, DiaShow provides the Find Files wizard. For archiving purposes, DiaShow additionally allows to create all-in-one slide show bundles. An ADS slide show can be opened in DiaShow/SlideShow or DiaShow Player, AquaSoft's small tool with the ADS playback capability.

Alternatively, the .ads extension represents the CyberLink AudioDirector Project (.ads) file type and format. ADS is a proprietary format developed by CyberLink for their commercial audio editor AudioDirector. AudioDirector allows to save the work in progress in project (.ads) files. Incompatible with any other software, such .ads files store references to audio and video clips, mixing settings, effects applied, and edits made on a timeline. An .ads project can be re-opened in AudioDirector to resume work from the saving point. ADS files do not contain any actual multimedia data.

The extension .ads also relates to the Ada Package Specification (.ads) file type. Ada is a high-level compiled programming language developed in 1970's and used since for mission-critical applications. The source code of Ada programs comes in packages. In such a package, the specification (.ads) file carries declarations of variables, data types, and subroutines, while the implementation code is stored in the body (.adb) file. Like all other source-code files, .ads files are text-only and can be opened in any text editor. Before an Ada package (.ads/.adb) can run as a program, it must be compiled with an Ada compiler (e.g., GNAT).

In automotive electronics, the .ads extension goes together with the TunerPro ALDL Datastream Definition (.ads) file type/format. TunerPro RT by M.Mansur is a free chip-tuning tool that can be used with General Motors, Ford, and many other motor vehicles. To address the issue of different makes, models, and ECM's used, TunerPro uses binary (.bin) and datastream (.ads/.adx) definitions. The .ads file is a General Motors ALDL datastream definition for TunerPro. Since version 5.0, TunerPro uses a different format for definition files, ADX, but still supports both ADS and ADX.

In corporate computing, the .ads extension occurs in association with the Oracle EPMA Import File (.ads) file type/format. In Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA) .ads files are used to import XML applications from planning, financial management, etc. For every XML application imported, an associated .ads file is generated from the "metadata.xml" file using the EPMA File Generator tool.

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