Opening AHN files

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What is the .AHN file type?

Derived from the German word 'Ahnen' (ancestors), the filename extension .ahn denotes the Ahnenblatt Genealogy (.ahn) file type/format. Ahnenblatt is a multilingual genealogical research program written by Dirk Böttcher for Microsoft Windows and distributed as freeware. In Ahnenblatt, ancestor family trees (genealogies) are saved using the application's native binary format and denoted by the .ahn extension.

The .ahn file contains detailed information about each person included in the family tree and his/her position with regard to ancestors, siblings, and descendants. Any pictures or images used in a genealogy are saved separately in an associated subdirectory bearing the genealogy's base name with the .pics extension. Ahnenblatt's default location for saving genealogy (.ahn) files is the "%UserProfile%\My Documents\Ahnenblatt" folder.

Ahnenblatt associates itself with the .ahn file type, making it possible to open its genealogy files with a double-click. From within Ahnenblatt, any genealogy (.ahn) can be exported to the GEDCOM (.ged) family-tree format or several standard formats such as HTML, CSV, or XML.

Software to open or convert AHN files

You can open AHN files with the following programs:
Ahnenblatt by Dirk Böttcher
Ahnenblatt a
Ahnenblatt a by Dirk Böttcher
Ahnenblatt by Dirk Boettcher
Ahnenblatt c
Ahnenblatt c by Dirk Böttcher

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