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What is the .ARM file type?

The .arm file extension primarily represents the MySQL Archive Storage Engine Metadata File (ARM) file type and format associated with MySQL Enterprise Backup, a backup software module developed by Oracle to reduce the risk of database data loss. MySQL Enterprise Backup is part of MySQL Enterprise Edition, a commercial subscription-based version of MySQL intended for business customers and providing additional business-specific options to meet their needs.

MySQL ARM files are used to store metadata for MySQL archive tables, such as when they were created, their titles and categories, etc. Such files were included in backups created in MySQL Enterprise Backup prior to MySQL 5.1.15 (January 2007), together with .arz files containing actual archive data. These metadata files are not intended to be opened manually, they are created for internal purposes of the software.

In addition, the .arm file extension can also represent SoftwarePassport/Armadillo project files used by SoftwarePassport/Armadillo Software Protection System (now discontinued), a powerful DRM solution developed by Silicon RealmsToolworks. Here, an .arm file is a project file storing protection settings to be applied to the selected file or group of files to prevent their illegal use.

Plus, the .arm file extension can also be associated with Alphacam Router, a basic module of the Alphacam CAD/CAM software solution developed by Planit. In this case, the .arm extension represents parameter macro files allowing users to significantly reduce programming time. An .arm macro is a text document that contains a set of geometry creation and tool selection commands as well as other project-related data.

Moreover, the .arm file extension is also used by the IBM Key Management utility (IKEYMAN) included in the IBM SDK. This software component is responsible for generating cryptographic keys and managing SSL certificates. IBM's .arm files are certificate files encoded using the Base64 binary-to-text encoding scheme and storing certificate details, in particular their public key.

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