AS3A File Extension

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What is the .AS3A file type?

The filename extension .as3a belongs to the ActivInspire Resource Pack (.as3a) file type associated with Promethean ActivInspire, commercial software from Promethean Limited for interactive classroom instruction. An .as3a file represents a standalone resource package that contains presentational material (slides, background notes, etc.) for an interactive lesson based on Promethean ActivInspire. Resource packs (.as3a) may be used in connection with flipcharts (.flp, .flipchart). The file itself is a ZIP archive with a weak password protection, containing a set of resource (.as2, .as3) and page (.ap2) files logically arranged in a directory tree. Created in ActivStudio, ActivInspire resource packs (.as3a) are intended to be imported in ActivInspire, making the contained resources available either as local or shared, depending on the import option selected.

Although the .as3a file type is considered legacy and superseded by a newer resource pack format (.as4a) used by default in the latest versions of Promethean software, a number of shared .as3a resource packs are still available on different ActivInspire-related web resources.


Software to open or convert AS3A files

You can open AS3A files with the following programs:
ActivInspire by Promethean
ActivInspire Help (FRA)
ActivInspire Help (USA)
ActivInspire Help (GBR)
ActivInspire Help (DEU)

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