ASMC File Extension

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What is the .ASMC file type?

The filename extension .asmc stands for the AlphaCAM Stone Machine Configuration (.asmc) file type/format used by the AlphaCAM computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) solution by Vero Software. Catering to several different industries like woodworking, stone masonry, or milling, AlphaCAM comes in several editions that include different, industry-specific modules. In particular, the AlphaCAM edition dedicated to stone processing is known as Alphastone.

Starting from version 8 (V8), AlphaCAM supports advanced machine configuration options for machining simulation and CNC control purposes and uses several types of machine configuration files. Among such files, the .asmc files are used to configure stone-working machines such as disk cutters, 2D and 3D engravers, etc.In Vero Software's proprietary format, .asmc file provides a complete description of a stone-working machine, defining its capabilities, movement types/axes, and other functional characteristics. Such .asmc files are used to simulate and control stone-working machines configured with AlphaCAM.


Software to open or convert ASMC files

You can open ASMC files with the following programs:
Alphacam 2016 R1
Alphacam 2016 R1 by Vero Software
Alphacam 2015 R2
Alphacam 2015 R2 by Vero Software
Alphacam 2017 R2
Alphacam 2017 R2 by Vero Software

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