ASS File Extension

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What is the .ASS file type?

The ASS file extension is primarily associated with the Advanced SubStation Alpha file format created by CS Low aka Kotus. ASS files are used to store subtitles and their timing data indicating when they must appear and disappear on the screen. ASS files are created with Aegisub subtitle editor and similar freeware software applications.

Essentially, ASS files represent text documents that consist of up to five sections: general file information (its title, author, script type); style definitions (font size and color, text position, alignment); text information and its timing in the form. There can be also parts containing data about graphic drawings and fonts.

In comparison with other common subtitle formats such as SRT, ASS files enable formatting, positioning and stylizing of subtitle text. They can support such complex elements as font colors or text position on the screen. That’s why the ASS file format is often used for storing and displaying subtitles in karaoke software and anime.

Software to open or convert ASS files

You can open ASS files with the following programs:
KMPlayer by PandoraTV
GOM Player
GOM Player by GOM & Company
PotPlayer by Kakao Corp.
The KMPlayer
The KMPlayer by KMP Media co., Ltd

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