ATOMSVC File Extension

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What is the .ATOMSVC file type?

The lengthy .atomsvc filename extension associates with the Atom Data Service Document (.atomsvc) file type and format devised by Microsoft as a way of handling data feeds exported from Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) or SharePoint.

The .atomsvc file is an Atom XML document, in which one or more data feeds from one or several sources are provided by way of specially formed URL links. Depending on how its URL is formed, a data feed can be served as XML, CSV, or other. The .atomsvc file does not hold any actual data, acting as a data source connector pointing, for example, to an SSRS report. In this case, the real data is provided by SSRS, once the proper URL is accessed by a client. Being a regular text file, any .atomsvc pointer can be viewed as XML code in a text editor.

Most commonly, Atom data service documents (.atomsvc) are used with PowerPivot (SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel), a data analysis add-on for the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application. In PowerPivot, .atomsvc files are used to connect to data feeds and retrieve the data into a spreadsheet for analysis.

Software to open or convert ATOMSVC files

You can open ATOMSVC files with the following programs:
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office by Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server by Microsoft Corporation

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