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What is the .ATV file type?

The .atv filename extension represents the AUER Dokumentvorlage (AUER Document Template, .atv) file type used in AUER Success, a commercial construction planning and estimate calculation software product by AUER Die Bausoftware GmbH (now, NEVARIS Bausoftware GmbH of Nemetschek Group). In AUER Success, templates provide a quick and efficient way of creating new documents, such as cost estimates. Template creation is supported in AUER Success for certain document types, and templates (.atv) are saved in the template folder defined in the application's settings. The "Normal.atv" base template is used for all new documents by default, if no other template is specified.

Besides, the .atv extension is also known to be used by Swiftpage Act! (formerly, Sage ACT!), a family of commercial Customer Relations Management (CRM) software products by Swiftpage ACT! LLC, to denote certain data files attached to the Act! database. Such .atv files are used internally and are not meant to be manipulated by the user. Regular Act! databases are saved as .adf files, usually along with their companion .pad files.

With reference to the mGuard series of hardware security devices manufactured by Innominate Security Technologies AG, the .atv extension is used as a filesystem label for device-specific configuration files. Each .atv file is a binary blob holding configuration data intended for a specific mGuard device, while the master configuration is defined by the "default.atv" file. Such configuration files (.atv) are processed and uploaded by Unix-style firmware upgrade scripts.

The .atv extension is also used by ARGUS TV, advanced client-server TV recording software developed as an open-source project, to denote its XML metadata files (.atv). If the respective option ("Always export metadata in separate .atv file") is set in the Export dialog, each recording exported from ARGUS TV will have a matching .atv file with the recording's metadata in XML format.

Software to open or convert ATV files

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