BBH File Extension

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What is the .BBH file type?

The .bbh file extension primarily denotes the BlueZone Basic Header File (.bbh) file type and format associated with BlueZone, a series of comprehensive terminal emulation solutions developed by Rocket Software. Supporting different types of host systems and emulations, BlueZone ensures direct access to mainframe data and handles FTP file transfers.

BlueZone allows using scripts to automate routine tasks, combine complex actions or add new functions to the software. BlueZone Basic script files saved in a text-based format have the .bbs extension, while header files included in such Basic scripts receive the .bbh extension. A BBH header file (application/octet-stream MIME type) can be included in a BBS script using the '$Include: statement and opened via BlueZone scripting tools or any regular text editor.

In addition, the .bbh extension can also define trojan virus files allowing hackers to spy on users and steal their passwords for online banking systems and e-payment services. Usually called downloader.bbh, such files can seriously affect the performance of the infected computer, so it's recommended to use the latest anti-malware applications to identify them and delete without opening.

Software to open or convert BBH files

You can open BBH files with the following programs:
CDK Terminal Emulator
CDK Terminal Emulator by CDK Global LLC
BlueZone by Rocket Software, Inc.

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