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What is the .BHD file type?

Baofeng (Storm) 5, the fifth version of a Chinese-only freeware Microsoft Windows-based multimedia player from Beijing Baofeng Technology Co., Ltd., uses the .bhd extension in association with one of its multimedia file types. A .bhd file is a digital video file in a non-standard H.264/AVC-based container format, playable in Storm 5. During installation, the Storm 5 player registers the .bhd file type and associates itself with it. The Storm 5 player allows to access multimedia content hosted on the large Baofeng video hub maintained by the same company.

Another occurrence of the .bhd extension relates to Dark Souls, a dark-fantasy RPG developed by From Software (Namco Bandai Games) as a sequel to their earlier Demon's Souls. The game stores all its data in large resource archives in which header files (.bhd, .bhd5) are used together with data files (.bdt). All resource file formats are proprietary, but there may be unofficial extraction/packaging tools developed by modding communities.

With reference to Symantec's automated data backup solution for corporate environments Backup Exec, the .bhd extension is used for the identification of container index files (.bhd) in the De-duplication Storage folder. BHD files serve as indexes for container data files (.bin). Backup Exec automatically processes both .bin and .bhd files.

The .bhd extension also represents the HYPROP Binary Project (.bhd) file type and format. In the binary form, the .bhd file stores data obtained from a single evaporation measurement run in the HYPROP - Data Evaluation Software (HYPROP-DES from UMS GmbH), using the HYPROP laboratory soil sample tester. Multiple-measurement data files are assigned the .bhdi extension.

Software to open or convert BHD files

You can open BHD files with the following programs:
暴风影音5 by 北京暴风科技股份有限公司
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN

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