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What is the .BOX file type?

The .box extension is primarily associated with the Vagrant Box (BOX) file type and format used with Vagrant, an open-source portable workflow environment for software developers, system engineers, designers, etc. Vagrant relies on several virtual machine (VM) technologies, both commercial and open-source.

A Vagrant .box file is a portable Vagrant environment package. It is basically a TAR archive that contains a platform- and VM provider-specific set of software required to run a Vagrant instance on a VM.

In a different way, the .box extension is also used to denote the Microsoft (MS) Store Download Package (BOX) file type and format. The MS Store is a chain of both retail and online stores that sell MS products. A .box file is a compressed archive file used as a container to deliver any software purchased and downloaded from the online MS Store. BOX files use a proprietary ZIP-like compression method.

MS Store BOX files are never meant to be directly opened by the user, as they are always downloaded together with an EXE file that actually expands the packaged contents and launches the installation.

In the area of applied acoustics, the .box extension appears as a marker for the proprietary CARA Loudspeaker Design (BOX) file type and format. CARA (Computer Aided Room Acoustics) is a room acoustics analysis and loudspeaker design application for MS Windows, commercially available from ETS Services GmbH. A CARA .box file is a representation of a loudspeaker model that can be opened and edited with CARA Loudspeaker Editor.

Besides, the .box extension is used in relation to MediaShout, a commercial multimedia presentation application (MS Windows) designed by MediaComplete to support church services. In this context, the .box suffix serves to denote the MediaShout Box (BOX) file type/format. A MediaShout box file is a container for cues, special shortcut markers that tie together various media files and clips that can be used in a presentation.

The .box extension can also be used in association with digital video files in the BOX format developed by Kodicom for use with its CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) video recorder devices. BOX is a proprietary format, not compatible with any other video format, and .box video files (CCTV recordings) can be played with the Kodicom proprietary software bundled with the camera system (e.g., Digital Video Witness). Kodicom .box files can be opened and played with a standalone Box Player, commercially available from Kodicom.

Alternatively, the .box extension may serve as a label for mailbox files (.box) created and used by some older e-mail client applications like Lotus (IBM) Notes, etc. An e-mail mailbox file (.box) is a relatively large file that contains a dump of all messages either received or sent within a certain e-mail account.

Software to open or convert BOX files

You can open BOX files with the following programs:
Harmony Assistant
Harmony Assistant by Myriad SARL
Melody Assistant
Melody Assistant by Myriad SARL
MediaShout by MediaComplete Corporation
MediaShout3 Update
MediaShout3 Update by MediaComplete

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