CMDB File Extension

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What is the .CMDB file type?

The .cmdb filename extension is primarily associated with the ANSYS Meshing (CMDB) file format and type. CMDB is a database format used by ANSYS Workbench applications, such as ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Fluent, and possibly other Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) ANSYS products to save meshing data.

A .cmdb file is a definition of a mesh created in ANSYS Workbench, saved in a database format. A mesh consists of a number of interconnected points that defines an object's geometry. Mesh files are usually saved into the "SYS/MECH" subdirectory under ANSYS Workbench project's root.

Legacy meshing files (also with the .meshdat extension) created in earlier ANSYS Workbench versions can generally be imported into newer releases, with the occasional exception of CFX-Mesh databases (.cmdb). ANSYS Fluent meshes uses a different file type (.msh) and format.

Quite differently, the .cmdb extension is also assigned to service metafiles created by certain multimedia-enabled TV sets (e.g., Samsung) on removable storage volumes, such as external HDD's or USB memory sticks. A .cmdb file (usually, in pair with a .cm0012 or other file) contains various metadata gathered from scanning the contents of a volume and used by the TV set to access multimedia files stored on that volume, remember current playback resume position, etc.

Such .cmdb, .cm0012, and other similar files are normally safe to delete, as they will be re-created every time a removable drive is used with a TV.

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