COFFEE File Extension

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What is the .COFFEE file type?

The .coffee extension is expressly used to distinguish CoffeeScript source-code files. CoffeeScript is a platform-independent programming language built on top of JavaScript (JS) that allows to write and debug code in a more streamlined and readable fashion. CoffeeScript is fully based upon JS and uses a compiler to convert its source code into JS. Just like JS, CoffeeScript is meant to be used for developing web applications.

A .coffee file is a plaintext file with the source code of a CoffeeScript program (script). While .coffee scripts can be directly interpreted and run in the CoffeeScript runtime environment, this is only used for debugging purposes. A .coffee script would normally be compiled into a JavaScript .js file that can be directly run by any web browser with JS enabled. CoffeeScript .coffee files can be opened, viewed and edited with any text editor.

COFFEE scripts with the .litcoffee extension are so-called 'literate' scripts that use a different Markdown-like syntax (every indented line is considered code while everything else is comments).

Software to open or convert COFFEE files

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