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What is the .CPP file type?

As an acronym for 'C-Plus-Plus,' the .cpp extension is conventionally used in association with the C++ Source Code (CPP) file type. C++ is a major object-oriented programming language that was a major advancement over the initial C, and the base for such modern languages as C♯, Visual C++, etc.

A .cpp file is a text file that represents source code of a C++ computer program. Specifically, .cpp files contain class/function implementations, and are used together with .h (header) files that provide class/function declarations.

In order to run, a C++ project (which typically consists of numerous .h and .cpp files) must be preprocessed, compiled, and linked into executable binaries by a C++ compiler.

Any .cpp file can be opened, viewed, edited with a text editor, or in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). There are many text editors with advanced C++ syntax highlighting and code completion features. Besides .cpp, other extensions (.cc, .cxx, c++, etc.) can be used to denote C++ source-code files.

Software to open or convert CPP files

You can open CPP files with the following programs:
Dev-C++ by Bloodshed Software
CodeBlocks by The Code::Blocks Team
Atmel Studio
Atmel Studio by Atmel

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