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What is the .DC2 file type?

The primary association of the .dc2 filename extension belongs to the DesignCAD 2D ASCII Drawing (DC2) file type/format. DC2 is a native format in DesignCAD, a commercial computer-aided design (CAD) application by IMSI Design LLC. In addition to the binary DCD format (default), DesignCAD uses several other drawing formats. DC2 is a plaintext (ASCII) format used in DesignCAD to save two-dimensional drawings, or projections.

A .dc2 file is a text list of data records (entities, points, strings), with each record taking one line. All .dc2 files have a header line that defines overall dimensions of the drawing. From within DesignCAD, DC2 drawings can be exported to/imported from AutoCAD (.dwg, .dxf) and other formats (HPGL, WMF). Outside DesignCAD, the DC2 format is supported by a number of other CAD programs and tools, and any .dc2 file can be simply opened in a text editor.

With reference to AQQ, a freeware multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client for Microsoft Windows, the .dc2 extension is used to denote AQQ V2 message log files (.dc2). For each conversation, AQQ saves its thread in a log file (.dc2) that can be later opened to revisit or quote the conversation. DC2 log files use a binary format, and so they cannot be directly viewed in a text editor. To open .dc2 logs, one can use AQQ V2 or Archeolog, a free IM log viewer that supports DC2 files.

In computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), the .dc2 extension associates with the DevCad Cam Pro Project (.dc2) file format and type. DevCad Cam Pro is a versatile CAM application that allows to design and run complex profiling, milling, drilling, and other manufacturing operations as well as control CNC equipment. DevCad Cam Pro saves its CAM documents in .dc2 files.

Additionally, the .dc2 extension relates to the Kodak Raw Image, or Kodak Photo Enhancer Image (DC2) format and file type. Named after an old Kodak digital camera (Kodak DC20), the DC2 format was used as a raw image format jointly with the Kodak Photo Enhancer image processing software. Currently, DC2 image files may be supported by some multi-format image viewers.

Apart from that, in Russia the .dc2 extension was used to denote personal income tax (PIT) declaration files for the year 2012 (.dc2). To prepare a formal .dc2 declaration (a text-based file), one had to use the 'Declaration 2012' software developed by the Russian Federal Tax Service.

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