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What is the .DDD file type?

The .ddd filename extension has its primary association with the 3D-Tool Project (.ddd) file type and format. 3D-Tool by 3D-Tool GmbH is a paid general-purpose 3D modeling and CAD application for Microsoft Windows. DDD is a proprietary format used natively by 3D-Tool to save its projects.

A .ddd file is a 3D model or a 2D drawing, or both in a single-file container. DDD files can be opened for editing in 3D-Tool only. For viewing, a free viewer is provided by 3D-Tool GmbH to open .ddd drawings/models on any Microsoft Windows computer. Any 3D-Tool project (.ddd) can also be exported as a Windows executable (.exe), incorporating an embedded viewer. From within 3D-Tool, .ddd projects can be exported or published in a range of formats.

Another use of the .ddd extension has to do with the Diagram Designer Diagram (.ddd) file type and format. DDD is the native format of Diagram Designer, a freeware Microsoft Windows diagram/flowchart design application by MeeSoft (M.Vinther). A .ddd file is a binary representation of a multi-layered vector-based diagram or flowchart designed and saved in Diagram Designer. DDD diagrams can be created from diagram templates (.ddt) several of which are supplied with Diagram Designer. Such DDD files can be opened in Diagram Designer only, whereupon any diagram can be exported into one of vector or bitmap formats.

With reference to GLBasic, a proprietary programming language and a multi-platform development environment by Dream Design Entertainment for game developers, the .ddd extension stands for the GLBasic 3D Data File (.ddd) file type/format. A .ddd file is a 3D object in a compressed binary format, native to GLBasic. The 3D Convert tool in GLBasic allows to create .ddd files from other 3D formats. The ASCII equivalent of the DDD format uses the .dda extension.

Within Alpha Five, a commercial relational DBMS and a Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework by Alpha Software, the .ddd extension is used to denote the Alpha Five Data Dictionary File (.ddd) file type/format. Here, a .ddd file contains extended data objects (report designs, forms, extended field names and rules, etc.) for an Alpha Five table (.dbf, .cdx). A .ddd file is part of a data dictionary (.ddd, .ddm, .ddx), one per table.

Besides, the .ddd extension often occurs as a label for encrypted digital tachograph ESM data files (.ddd). ESM stands for External Storage Media, referring to memory devices used by onboard digital tachographs and driver logging units on heavy (>3.5 tons) trucks in the EU countries. A .ddd file stores a driver's driving record or a vehicle's operation log in the encrypted form (RSA-1024). In addition to .ddd, other extensions (.esm, .tgd, .add) are also used for ESM data files. ESM files provide data and evidence for monitoring truck drivers' performance and enforce the applicable traffic laws. There are several utilities to read DDD and other ESM files and view their contents.

Apart from that, the .ddd extension was also used to denote internal fields table files (.ddd) within data collections created and managed by the Verity K2 enterprise search engine bundled in several commercial applications, including PaperPort, OrCAD, ColdFusion 5 through 9, etc. In this case, a .ddd file contains a table of document fields, applicable to a particular section of a Verity K2 collection of logically interconnected documents. Such DDD files are accompanied by word index (.did) files and located in a collection's "parts" subdirectory.

Software to open or convert DDD files

You can open DDD files with the following programs:
Diagram Designer
Diagram Designer by MeeSoft
3D-Tool FreeViewer
3D-Tool FreeViewer by 3D-Tool GmbH & Co. KG
3D-Tool by 3D-Tool GmbH & Co. KG
Tachonova by Haug GmbH

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