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What is the .DDF file type?

The filename extension .ddf primarily denotes the NI Ultiboard 4/5 Design File (.ddf) file type, with reference to Ultiboard, a commercial Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design tool from National Instruments Corporation. The .ddf file type was used specifically by versions 4 and 5 of the Ultiboard software, to be replaced by the newer .ewprj format in later releases. The .ddf file is a PCB design created in Ultiboard 4 or Ultiboard 5. Such .ddf files usually come along with Ultiboard 4/5 libraries (.l55) and can be directly opened in any later Ultiboard version. Once opened, the legacy .ddf project can be re-saved as .ewprj or converted to another format such as Gerber (.gbr) or XML (.xml).

Additionally, the .ddf extension is related to the ACDSee Photo Disc Database (.ddf) file type that was used by earlier versions of ACDSee, commercial image viewing and processing software from ACD Systems. The .ddf file is the binary file of a database for a photo disc project authored in a legacy version of ACDSee such as ACDSee 4 or 5. To use such .ddf file in any recent ACDSee release, it must be imported into the main database (.dbin) using the Tools | Database | Import | Photo Disc... menu command.

Another file type denoted by the .ddf extension is the Pervasive PSQL Data Definition File (.ddf) file type. Pervasive PSQL (formerly known as Pervasive.SQL and earlier, Btrieve) is a commercial database management system (DBMS) by Pervasive Software. Pervasive PSQL uses data definition (.ddf) files to store system-level metadata describing database objects. The DDF files (e.g., FIELD.ddf or INDEX.ddf) are automatically updated, if the table definitions are changed via SQL or using the DDF Builder tool.

Besides, the .ddf extension represents the Diamond Directive File (.ddf) file type that was introduced in association with the Microsoft Cabinet (CAB) format. Developed by Microsoft and originally known as Diamond, CAB is an archive format, widely used on the Microsoft Windows platform for packaging application installation files. Text-based Diamond Directive (.ddf) files provide instructions for creating multiple-file .cab archives using automated tools such as the makecab.exe utility.

In the scope of IBM Sterling Gentran:Server for Microsoft Windows, a commercial application server by IBM, the .ddf extension denotes the IBM Data Definition Format (.ddf). Here, a .ddf file is an XML document that describes in a structured way the input or output data format for a source map used in a IBM Sterling Gentran:Server application.

Software to open or convert DDF files

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