DIFF File Extension

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What is the .DIFF file type?

The DIFF file extension is commonly associated with difference data files. When a file comparison utility makes a comparison of the contents of two text or source files and finds differences in their data structure, it records this information in files with the .diff extension.

In addition, difference data files may also contain text lines before and after changes, as well as several lines of context near the lines that have been changed to provide more precise information about modifications.

Files with the .diff extension are typically created by Mercurial, a free cross-platform control management tool. They can be used as a patch script to apply changes to the original file. That's why difference files may also contain the .patch extension instead of .diff.

Different files are a popular means of sharing source code updates, bug fixes or other enhancements between software developers. For example, you can send your .diff file to other developers to let them change their working copy of the source file in the same way.

Software to open or convert DIFF files

You can open DIFF files with the following programs:
FileViewPro by Solvusoft Corporation
Bluefish by The Bluefish Developers

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