DIVX File Extension

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What is the .DIVX file type?

The .divx extension belongs to the DivX digital video format and the related DIVX file type. DivX is a proprietary digital video compression codec based upon MPEG-4. DivX provides efficient video compression, retaining video quality at a generally high level that depends on encoder profiles. Recent DivX codecs provide HD video quality.

A .divx file is a large binary file that is a digital video recording. Playback of .divx files requires a DivX decoder. DivX decoders are part of many codec packs, and most major media players come with DivX support built-in. DivX video files can also be played back by most hardware players.

Although most commonly .divx files are actually AVI containers with DivX video tracks in them, the .divx extension can also specifically denote the DivX Media Format (DMF), an extended version of AVI. DMF .divx files can have multiple tracks, interactive menus, etc. DMF is partially backward-compatible with AVI.

Most media players recognize the DIVX file type and are able to open .divx files properly. Occasionally, it still may be necessary to change the extension to .avi.

Software to open or convert DIVX files

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