Opening DMSLOG files

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What is the .DMSLOG file type?

The verbose filename extension .dmslog is primarily associated with the Device Monitoring Studio Log File (.dmslog) file type and format used by Device Monitoring Studio (DMS). DMS is a paid Microsoft Windows application by HHD Software Ltd. for low-level analysis and inspection of digital data exchanged by various input-output devices such as network adapters, serial ports, etc. DMS allows to record device-specific data streams as log files (.dmslog) for later review. The .dmslog file is a binary file that contains raw data captured from such a device's interface and saved in HHD Software's proprietary format. By default, such logs are saved in the "%UserProfile%\Documents\DMS Log Files" folder. The recent versions of DMS such as Version 7.25 use a slightly different method of denoting their log files, modifying the .dmslog extension to include a numerical version index (e.g., ".dmslog" becomes ".dmslog7").

Alternatively, the .dmslog extension is used by Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), a configuration and administration utility offered by Synology for their DiskStation network attached storage (NAS) devices, to denote its multimedia server diagnostic log files (.dmslog). Created as a result of using the Diagnostics feature in the Multimedia Server tab of the DSM GUI, the .dmslog file is a gzip (.gz) archive with text-based diagnostic reports inside. By changing the file's extension to .gz, its contents can be extracted for review using any gzip-capable archive manager.

Software to open or convert DMSLOG files

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