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What is the .DTL file type?

The filename extension .dtl is known to represent the Detail Trace (.dtl) file type utilized by the IBM i Access for Windows software that provides network connectivity for the IBM i (previously, OS/400) server operating system from a Microsoft Windows environment. In this context, a .dtl file is a detailed log that combines tracing information for all IBM i Access for Windows components and ODBC drivers in use. Such .dtl logs are created using the built-in diagnostics tools and serve the purpose of troubleshooting and debugging.

The .dtl extension also represents the Weintek Data Sampling (.dtl) file type associated with the Project Manager configuration and control software for industrial Human-Machine Interface (HMI) panels from Weintek Labs. Using Project Manager, a Weintek HMI like MT6100i can be set up to perform routine data sampling, saving the sampled data to a desired location as .dtl files, their names matching the sampling dates (e.g., "20161128.dtl"). Such data sampling (.dtl) files can be converted to CSV using the EasyConverter tool inside the Project Manager.

With reference to PTC Creo, a commercial parametric CAD solution by PTC previously known as Pro/ENGINEER, the .dtl extension is used to designate the Drawing Setup File (.dtl) file type. In PTC Creo, a drawing setup file (.dtl) control various drawing properties such as text height, font thickness, arrow length, etc. Although any .dtl file can be directly opened and modified in a text editor, all of the controlled options can be accessed in GUI via Properties -> Drawing Options.

The .dtl extension additionally lends itself as a designation of Django templates based on the Django Template Language (DTL). Django is an open-source Python-based web application development framework that relies heavily on templates for which the special Django Template Language (DTL) is employed. A Django template (.dtl) is a text document in which DTL templating tags are used in combination with HTML or other markup. Besides Django, .dtl templates are used with the Dojo JavaScript framework.

Software to open or convert DTL files

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