ECC File Extension

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What is the .ECC file type?

The ECC file extension defines Error Correction Files created by Dvdisaster, a free program used to prevent data loss on CD/ DVD/Blu-ray discs. The error correcting codes are stored in .ecc files. It is necessary to generate an .ecc file from an error-free disc to reconstruct its damaged sectors later on.

The ECC file format is also used for ICE ECC verification files designed to protect sensitive data against digital corruption. ICE ECC files store recovery versions of the original files/folders and are used to check whether the information in them has been modified or become corrupted.

In addition, ECC files can also be associated with Essential Taceo e-mail security software. These .ecc files represent crypto containers created when you protect your valuable email contents with Essential Taceo. ECC files are encrypted to prevent data access and theft.

Besides, ECC files can also represent Ecchi Role-playing imagery. Ecci is a form of "soft" erotic anime typically found on adult websites.

Software to open or convert ECC files

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