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What is the .EJS file type?

In web development, the .ejs filename extension represents the Embedded JavaScript Template (.ejs) file type. Embedded JavaScript (EJS) is an open-source library written in JavaScript for client-side template processing, widely used in web and cloud application development—for instance, with such JavaScript-based application platforms as Node.js. EJS templates serve to generate dynamic HTML or XML documents ('views') on the client's side using JSON data arrays retrieved from the server.

The .ejs file is an EJS template. A regular text file, it is an HTML or XML document with JavaScript inserts between the <% and >% tags. When the template is processed by the EJS library, the embedded JavaScript code is executed and replaced by its HTML/XML output. To be treated as an EJS template, the file must have the .ejs extension instead of .htm(l) or .xml, and the web server must be properly configured to serve .ejs files as text/javascript. To author or edit an EJS template, any text editor will suffice, although a power editor with JavaScript syntax highlighting would be preferred.


Software to open or convert EJS files

You can open EJS files with the following programs:
Sublime Text Build
Sublime Text Build by Sublime HQ Pty Ltd
JDownloader by AppWork GmbH
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team

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