ETL File Extension

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What is the .ETL file type?

Standing for Event Trace Log (ETL), the .etl filename extension is used to denote ETL files in Microsoft Windows operating systems. A valuable debugging tool, ETL is part of the Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) technology, generally used by many Windows-based applications and frameworks, including .NET, Exchange, and others.

An .etl file (e.g., "umstartup.etl" in the "Windows\System32" directory) is a trace log file created automatically as a result of an ETW trace session performed against a given system component, driver, service, or subsystem. ETL logs use a binary format and are directly unreadable by humans. Automatic creation of .etl files in different system locations is controlled by certain system services (e.g., Windows Performance, Windows Event Log, etc.).

On Microsoft Windows (Vista+), .etl log files can be opened, viewed, and exported to several formats with the Microsoft Event Viewer tool. Such files can also be processed in many ways by several built-in Microsoft CLI (Command-Line Interface) tools such as "tracerpt" and "xperf."

Being logs, .etl file are generally safe to delete.

Software to open or convert ETL files

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