Opening FRAGMENT files

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What is the .FRAGMENT file type?

The verbose .fragment extension does not define any specific file type or format, apart from its being a pointer to what a file is (a fragment). Such an extension would be used specifically by the Amazon Kindle application for Microsoft Windows 8 and assigned to files that are ordered fragments of electronic book files.

On a Windows 8 machine, the Amazon Kindle application downloads e-books from the Amazon Kindle Store in the native Kindle .azw format and stores each of them as a series of sequentially named .fragment files in the program's cache directory (Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Packages\AMZNMobileLLC.KindleforWindows8_[*]\LocalState\cache). Each book's fragments are stored in a separate subfolder named after the book's original filename (.azw).

Such FRAGMENT files are used by the Amazon Kindle application (Windows 8) to cache and display e-books and cannot be opened as standalone document files. The .fragment extension is not associated with any file type.

Alternatively, the .fragment extension can be assigned to files of the IBM DB2 Object file type. Such .fragment files would be plaintext files containing definitions of DB2 objects in the scope of IBM DB2, a series of database server solutions with support for both relational and non-relational database models.

Software to open or convert FRAGMENT files

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