FS File Extension

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What is the .FS file type?

The .fs extension belongs to the F# format. F# is a programming language created and used by Microsoft Corporation. FS files are source code files that require .NET library and tools. They are written using the F# or a component of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and primarily used for compiling code into executables.

The .fs extension also stands for file system plugin used in Mac OS X developed by Apple. The FS format files are proprietary system files, which cannot be opened manually. The .fs files allow recognition of hard drives and media.

Apart from that, the .fs extension can represent the FlexiSIGN files used in several FLEXI applications developed by SA International. FS files are vector image files that store data needed for accurate plotting - graphics, dimensions and text.

FS is a proprietary file format, and it can be opened only in Flexi programs. However, it's possible to export .fs files as .EPS or .PDF and open them using applications like CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Software to open or convert FS files

You can open FS files with the following programs: 

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