FS2 File Extension

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What is the .FS2 file type?

The .fs2 extension represents the Free Space 2 file type and format. Free Space 2 is a MMO (massively multiplayer online) space simulation game developed by Volition and published by Interplay in 1999. FS2 files are save files used in Free Space 2 to resume game missions.

The FS2 file format can be opened in the game and edited with a specialized application called FRED 2 developed exclusively for Free Space 2. FS2 files are supported by Windows OS and can be launched in Windows 10 after application of some mods developed by the players community. DirectX 7 or a higher version is also needed to open files with the .fs2 extension.

FS2 files are proprietary files, meaning they were compressed and encrypted by the developer Interplay.

Software to open or convert FS2 files

You can open FS2 files with the following programs:
Furcadia by Dragon's Eye Productions, Inc.
FreeSpace by GOG.com

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