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What is the .GHF file type?

The filename extension .ghf is primarily used to represent the Groove Help File (.ghf) file type. Here, Groove is a reference to Groove Virtual Office, discontinued enterpise-level remote collaboration software that was commercially developed by Groove Networks prior to the company's acquisition by Microsoft Corp. Groove Virtual Office served as the base for Microsoft Office Groove (later replaced by Microsoft SharePoint Workspace, also discontinued). In Groove Virtual Office 3.1, the .ghf file type was reserved for the Groove help service. A Groove help file (.ghf) was a standalone binary storage of online help resources used by the Groove client application.

Besides, the .ghf extension denotes the TestLink Data Log (.ghf) file type associated with the TestLink software which is used with a range of digital thermometer devices. A .ghf file is a compressed binary version of the real-time temperature and/or humidity measurement log created by a digital thermometer with a data-logging feature. In addition to the binary .ghf files that can be opened in TestLink only, temperature logs can be saved as text or CSV files.

Another occurrence of the .ghf extension relates to the GeoSIG Header File Format (.ghf). The ASCII-based GHF format is used for recording seismic data obtained with the GeoSIG family of recorders manufactured by GeoSIG Ltd. GHF augments the common CSV format by adding a tag-delimited header to an otherwise regular .csv data file. GeoSIG header (.ghf) files can be imported by several seismic analysis tools.

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