Opening GOFIN files

Have a problem opening a .GOFIN file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what GOFIN files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .GOFIN file type?

The .gofin extension is used exclusively with GOFIN Document files and associates with the 'Druk Gofin' (GOFIN) format and file type. GOFIN is a closed format developed and promoted by 'Wydawnictwo Podatkowe GOFIN, Sp. z o.o.' ('GOFIN Tax Publishing, Ltd.'), a Polish consulting company in the area of taxpaying and accounting. GOFIN uses XML-based data structuring inside a binary container.

Files in the GOFIN format are binary document files that contain various active forms and templates for all kinds of taxpayer, accounting and general office paperwork adopted in Poland. Such GOFIN documents are active forms, allowing interactive filling and modification of user-input fields.

To be meaningfully opened, GOFIN files require the use of the proprietary 'Druk GOFIN' software available from GOFIN Tax Publishing Ltd. in both free (lite) and commercial versions.

GOFIN forms/templates are available for direct download from the GOFIN company web portal. Alternatively, documents distributed as .gofin files are often also available as PDF files on the same site.

Software to open or convert GOFIN files

You can open GOFIN files with the following programs:
DRUKI Gofin by Wydawnictwo Podatkowe GOFIN sp. z o.o.
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox by Mozilla
PDF Architect
PDF Architect by pdfforge GmbH
PDF Architect 2 View Module

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