GPC File Extension

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What is the .GPC file type?

The .gpc filename extension primarily denotes the Genie Backup Manager Plugin Script (.gpc) file type introduced and used by Genie Backup Manager, a paid data backup application for Microsoft Windows by Genie9 Corp. As an extension feature, Genie Backup Manager (GBM) supports custom plugins and provides a special scripting language, GenieScript, to enable its users to create customized backup tasks. A .gpc file is a compiled version of a GBM plugin written in GenieScript. It is a binary file that contains a series of instructions defining custom backup objects and actions to be taken by GBM on them based on certain rules or triggers. Compiled plugin scripts (.gpc) are created using the GenieScript Compiler integrated in GBM. Once compiled from its XML source code, a GBM plugin (.gpc) must be placed in the GScript subfolder of the GBM installation directory. Binary GBM plugins (.gpc) can be used with the Genie Backup Manager software only.

Apart from that, the .gpc extension denotes script files intended to be used with the TITAN One game console modding dongle and the associated GTuner software by J. Koppe. Such .gpc files contain mini-programs written in TITAN One's GPC scripting language, which are used to adjust the dongle's modding behavior to particular games or user requirements.

In the area of banking services, the .gpc extension may occur as the designation of electronic statement files saved in the common GPC format, which is standardized and used by many Czech banks. In this case, a .gpc file contains an official banking account statement issued by a (Czech) bank.

Software to open or convert GPC files

You can open GPC files with the following programs:
Genie Backup Manager Pro
Cronus PRO
Cronus PRO by CronusMAX Team
Genie Backup Assistant

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