GTZ File Extension

Have a problem opening a .GTZ file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what GTZ files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .GTZ file type?

The filename extension .gtz is primarily associated with the GPS TrackMaker Compressed Route/Track Log (.gtz, .gz) file type and format, developed by Geo Studio Technology (O. Ferreira Jr.) for their GPS TrackMaker software. GPS TrackMaker is a free-to-use GPS navigation and mapping application (Microsoft Windows), capable of communicating and exchanging data with many portable GPS devices. GPS TrackMaker saves its waypoints, routes, and track logs, map imagery, and other data using its own binary format (.gtm). For the sake of disk space or bandwidth efficiency, a compressed version of this format (.gtz, .gz) is also used. The .gtz (.gz) file is a compressed equivalent of a standard GPS TrackMaker data file (.gtm) that can be read by GPS TrackMaker natively, without prior decompression.

Besides, the .gtz extension is associated with the GEO5 Gravity Wall Data File (.gtz) file type and format used by the GEO5 Gravity Wall civil engineering software from Fine Ltd. Saved in a proprietary format recognized by the "FINE DATA FILE" ASCII signature in the file's header, such .gtz files are used as multi-part container storages for the data used to verify gravity wall designs in GEO5 Gravity Wall.

Apart from that, the .gtz extension is also conventionally used, together with several other extensions such .tgz or .taz, to denote gzip-compressed tar archives, mainly on Unix-style operating systems or platforms. In this context, the .gtz (.tgz, .taz) file is a compressed tar/gzip archive produced by the tar archiving utility with the option "-z" on. Besides tar, such archives can be extracted by any power archiver that supports tar/gzip.

Software to open or convert GTZ files

You can open GTZ files with the following programs:
GPS TrackMaker
GPS TrackMaker by Geo Studio Technology Ltd
GPS TrackMaker
GPS TrackMaker by Geo Studio Technology
GEO5 by Fine spol. s r.o.
GPS TrackMaker Professional
GPS TrackMaker Professional by Geo Studio Technology Ltd

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