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What is the .H file type?

A short for 'Header,' the .h filename extension represents the Header File (.h) file type used in conjunction with several high-level programming languages, including C, C++, Objective-C, and others. A header file (.h) contains function, variable, data type, and other definitions and declarations.

An .h file is a regular text file that contains source code in the C, C++, or other programming language. Header files (.h) are part of a programming project that must be compiled to obtain an executable code.

By referencing an .h file via the "♯include" statement, contents of the .h file (declarations, definitions) can be merged with the main code whenever necessary. The purpose behind having .h files in addition to main source-code (.c, .cpp) lies in achieving modularity and re-usability of the code. With C/C++ libraries, .h files provide function declarations.

H files are normally created, viewed, and edited in a programmer's text editor that provides syntax highlighting or within an integrated development environment (IDE).

Software to open or convert H files

You can open H files with the following programs:
Dev-C++ by Bloodshed Software
CodeBlocks by The Code::Blocks Team

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