HA12 File Extension

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What is the .HA12 file type?

Apparently derived from the French 'Heredis Arbre' (Heredis tree), the filename extension .ha12 belongs to the file type Heredis 12 Genealogy (.ha12). Heredis is the name of genealogy research software developed by BSD Concept and available commercially on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. Heredis 12 is one of the older versions of the software released in 2011.

In Heredis 12 and older versions, indexed filename extensions matching the version number (.h12, .h11, and so on) were used to denote genealogy data files, while in Heredis 11 and 12 the .ha11 and .ha12 extensions (respectively) were additionally used to denote entire genealogies. Thus, the .ha12 file is a genealogy prepared and saved in Heredis 12. Opening legacy Heredis data files and genealogies (.ha12, .ha11) is still supported in all later versions, with automatic conversion to the latest format.

Heredis 2014 uses a different set of formats, compatible with the Mac OS X and iOS versions. Now, all data files have the .heredis extension and are saved in a directory denoted with the family's name and .hmw extension.

Software to open or convert HA12 files

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