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What is the .HBK file type?

Apparently as an abbreviation of 'Handbook,' the filename extension .hbk is primarily tied up with the Mathcad Handbook (.hbk) file type supported by the PTC Mathcad engineering computation software from PTC Inc. To facilitate structured presentation of extensive results in book-like reports, Mathcad provides support for handbooks. In Matchcad, a handbook (.hbk) is an ordered collection of references to existing Mathcad (.mcd) files that can be displayed as an e-book using the built-in handbook viewer.The .hbk file is just a simple text document that can be opened and viewed in a text editor. By itself, it serves as a table of contents for a directory with the actual handbook files (.mcd and other). For a handbook to be recognized and become accessible from within Mathcad, the .hbk file and its associated directory (which must have the same name as the .hbk file) are to be placed in the "..\Handbook" subfolder of the Mathcad installation directory.

The .hbk extension alternatively represents the HTC SMS Backup (.hbk) file type associated with HTC Android mobile devices. An .hbk file is a compressed and possibly encrypted backup copy of the phone's SMS messages created by the built-in backup/restore utility. HTC SMS backups (.hbk) cannot be opened on a computer and can only be used to restore the contained SMS messages directly to an HTC device. HBK backups are only recognizable by the HTC restore tool, if the files are placed in the top-level "sms_backup" directory.

In scientific circles, the .hbk extension is known as a designation of the HBOOK Output File (.hbk) file type. With reference to HBOOK, a histogram-building and data presentation software package developed at CERN for their High-Energy Particle (HEP) studies, an .hbk file contains histogram data saved in a binary format. Such .hbk histograms can be processed using CERN's Physics Analysis Workstation (PAW) and other scientific software.

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