HDT File Extension

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What is the .HDT file type?

The HDT file extension is associated with HDR toning presets used in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and later versions. HDT files store settings required for creation of HDR (high dynamic range) images - brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure settings, and others.

In Photoshop, it is possible to create an expressive HDR image by merging multiple photos taken with different exposure values. You can adjust the parameters of your resulting image by changing each value manually or by loading a preset that contains preconfigured settings.

Some HDR toning presets are included in the Photoshop library by default: Surrealistic.hdt, Saturated.hdt, Flat.hdt, Monochromatic.hdt, and others. You can find them in the Presets/HDR Toning directory in the Adobe Photoshop application folder.

It is also possible to save and load your own custom HDT presets. You can create them from scratch using the Photoshop HDR Toning window or adjust the configuration of an existing preset and save it as an .hdt file for further use.

Software to open or convert HDT files

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