HFS File Extension

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What is the .HFS file type?

The .hfs filename extension denotes the HFS Disk Image (.hfs) file type, with reference to the archive format used for saving Hierarchical File System (HFS) images. HFS is an advanced journaling filesystem developed by Apple to become the default for Mac OS X, Apple's proprietary operating system installed on Apple Macintosh computers. HFS images are often found inside Apple Mac OS X software installation packages commonly distributed as .dmg files which are image-like archives themselves.

The .hfs file is an HFS disk image. It may be thought of as a snapshot of an physical HFS filesystem stored in a single binary archive. Although HFS is strictly Mac-only, different tools exist which enable handling both live HFS filesystems and their images (.hfs) on Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux. HFS images may be used to re-create physical filesystem structures or directly mounted as disk devices. Additionally, standalone .hfs archives can be opened and manipulated by many general-purpose archive managers, including conversion into standard image formats like ISO.


Software to open or convert HFS files

You can open HFS files with the following programs:
7-Zip by Igor Pavlov
PeaZip by Giorgio Tani

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