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What is the .HS file type?

Primarily, the .hs extension belongs to the Haskell Script (HS) file type. Haskell is a full-fledged open-source programming language with support for multi-core processing, parallelism as well as integration of other programming languages. Unlike C, C++ and the like, Haskell belongs to the functional language family. The Haskell Platform is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

An .hs file is a plaintext file with a source code of a program in the Haskell language. HS files are meant to be created, viewed and edited with any of the available text tools. In order to run, a Haskell program in form of an .hs source-code file must be properly compiled with a Haskell compiler, yielding an executable binary file.

Haskell source-code files with a different syntax ('literate Haskell') are normally saved with a different extension (.lhs).

Alternatively and in relation to Java, the .hs extension serves to identify the Java HelpSet (HS) file type. Java is a platform-independent object-oriented programming language that uses concepts of a byte-code and a virtual machine that both allow a Java program run on any platform.

A HelpSet is part of the Java application's 'built-in' help system, and an .hs file is a plaintext human-readable file that contains an XML definition of the application's help contents. Such a HelpSet file (.hs) is invoked by a Java application each time user activates the application's help system.

In connection with Motorola mobile phones, the .hs extension is used as a representation of the Motorola Flex Firmware Image (HS) file type and format. Motorola HS is a proprietary binary format used to store Flex images. A Flex image is part of a Motorola phone's firmware that covers the user software and settings layer and can be uploaded to a phone as a software update. Flex files are normally not meant for editing, however, there are specialized editing tools for that purpose.

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