Opening HST files

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What is the .HST file type?

In a general sense, the .hst extension is primarily used as an abbreviation of 'history,' serving to label various history files. Similar to log files, history files (.hst) are mostly simple text files created by computer software and online services to keep a record of user activity and/or store a history of some frequently changing data.

History files often follow one or another well-supported text formats (like CSV), so that history records can be easily imported and processed by software. Some programs would still use proprietary binary formats for their .hst files.

Besides activity or data description, history files (HST) usually contain some time/date reference (a timestamp) and position the recorded events along a timeline.

One example of such usage has to deal with Corel WordPerfect Office, a commercial office productivity suite by Corel. It uses the .hst extension in binding with the Corel Writing Tools HST file type, and .hst files store grammar (Grammatik) and spelling check (QuickCorrect) history in a closed binary format.

Another common example of the .hst extension being used to label history files relates to Yahoo! Messenger (YM), a free application by Yahoo! for text, audio and video online communication. YM uses .hst files to store messaging history, including offline messages.

In connection with earlier versions of Symantec security software products, the .hst extension was used in the scope of the LiveUpdate technology to identify update settings and history files (most commonly, the "liveupdt.hst"). In recent Symantec product versions, a different update technology is used.

In online forex trading, the .hst extension can be appended to plaintext quote listing data files that are usually kept for reference purposes and are accessible via menu options in forex client software. HST quote listings are also used as data sources by automated forex agents (robots).

Software to open or convert HST files

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