HTA File Extension

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What is the .HTA file type?

The .hta filename extension stands for the HTML Application (HTA) file type/format. HTA is Microsoft's invention intended to allow web applications to run outside the browser restrictions and generally behave similarly to regular desktop applications. HTA is a Windows-only technology, as running HTML applications (HTA) requires Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer (IE).

An .hta file is a text-based HTML source-code file with additional HTA-specific markup in the <head> section. Basically, it is a renamed HTML web page (.htm or .html) that may invoke ActiveX components, contain JavaScript code, and has access rights on the level of a desktop application. When run, program code inside an .hta file is processed by the HTA handler ("mshta.exe") and typically launched in a separate IE-like window.

Microsoft Windows and IE treat .hta files as executables, and all active content inside an HTA file (ActiveX, JavaScript, etc.) is launched and executed without warning, posing a potential security risk. Any .hta file can be authored and edited in a text editor. All other browsers, except IE, would prompt to save an .hta file or select an application to open it with.

Software to open or convert HTA files

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