Opening IFV files

Have a problem opening a .IFV file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what IFV files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .IFV file type?

The .ifv extension is bound up with the legacy Indeo Video Format and its associated file type (IFV). Indeo Video is an old proprietary video compression codec that took advantage of the Intel CPU architecture and did not rely on hardware acceleration. Indeo was initially developed by Intel and later sold to Ligos.

An .ifv file is a digital video file in the Indeo Video format. Currently, Indeo Video is completely outdated, although the codec is still commercially available from Ligos for older versions of MS Windows. There are also free implementations, often included in so-called codec packs.

Besides, some DVR (Digital Video Recorder) systems, especially home/office DVR's of Asian origin, use the .ifv extension to label their video recording files. Such .ifv files can come in a variety of proprietary (and obscure) Indeo-like formats and may not be playable with the generic Indeo codec, requiring some proprietary device-specific DVR player software.

Regular IFV files can be played by some major media players (those with their own codecs) without conversion. Also, converter utilities are available to convert IFV video files into current formats.

Software to open or convert IFV files

You can open IFV files with the following programs: 

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