Opening INFIX files

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What is the .INFIX file type?

The .infix string of characters does not appear as a valid filename extension and does represent any known file type associated with any particular software. Rather than being a file type indicator, the .infix string appears as the name of a command in Stata, a commercial cross-platform statistical analysis software from StataCorp LLC. In Stata, the .infix ("input fixed") command serves to import observation data from a text file in which data columns are fixed. The .infix command can be used either with or without data dictionaries (.dct, .txt), e.g. ".infix using [dictionary].dct." The use of the .infix command is well documented in the official Stata manual and numerous tutorials on the subject.

Apart from that, the .infix string may be a reference to the general notion of infix notation commonly used to write down mathematical expressions. The infix notation requires all operators such as plus, minus, or other to be placed in-between their operands, each subexpression optionally parenthesized.


Software to open or convert INFIX files

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