IPD File Extension

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What is the .IPD file type?

The .ipd filename suffix represents the BlackBerry Backup (.ipd, .bbb) file type, with specific reference to the Inter@ctive Pager Backup/Restore (IPD) file format. BlackBerry is a renowned vendor of business-class smartphones and provider of information services. For synchronization, data exchange, and backup purposes, the BlackBerry Desktop software is available to BlackBerry smartphone users on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X.

The .ipd file is a BlackBerry smartphone backup made in one of the previous versions of the BlackBerry Desktop software (6.x or older) on Windows. It contains various user data, including text messages, e-mails, and contacts, that can be later restored to the same or different device. Such IPD backups can be restored using BlackBerry Desktop 6.x. Besides, there are several commercial and free tools claiming to be able to open .ipd files and extract the contained data.

Since BlackBerry Desktop 7 (Windows), a different format (.bbb) is used for smartphone backup files. Unlike .ipd, a .bbb file is a regular ZIP archive with multiple data files (.dat), possibly encrypted. BBB and IPD are incompatible.

Software to open or convert IPD files

You can open IPD files with the following programs:
BlackBerry Backup Extractor
BlackBerry Backup Extractor by Reincubate Ltd
MagicBerry for Blackberry
MagicBerry for Blackberry by Mena Step Innovative Solutions (Ashraf Awwad)
phoneMiner by Amrak Software

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