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What is the .JWW file type?

As an abbreviation for "Jw_cad for Windows," the .jww filename extension belongs to the Jw_cad Document (.jww) file type and format used by Jw_cad, a free Computer-Aided Design (CAD) program by J.Shimizu and Y.Tanaka. Jw_cad is a Microsoft Windows application designed to work with 2D (flat) technical drawings. Released in Japanese only, Jw_cad is mainly used in Japan.

Jw_cad drawings are saved using the program's own format, denoted with the .jww extension and recognized by the "JwwData._" signature in the file's header. The .jww file is a Jw_cad CAD project. The file itself is a compressed container for vector shapes, bitmap images, text, and other data. Legacy MS-DOS versions of Jw_cad used a different format and a different extension (.jwc) for their documents. On Windows, Jw_cad can natively read both .jwc and .jww files. As the JWW file format specification has been published by the developers of Jw_cad, Jw_cad drawings (.jww) can be opened/imported by several other CAD applications, in addition to Jw_cad itself. Also, there are converters available to translate .jww drawings to other CAD formats.


Software to open or convert JWW files

You can open JWW files with the following programs:
Jw_cad by Jiro Shimizu & Yoshifumi Tanaka
図脳RAPID15PRO佁E騁E牁E by チEォチEロン

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