Opening KPA files

Have a problem opening a .KPA file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what KPA files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .KPA file type?

The .kpa filename extension denotes the Korg KAOSS KP3 All Data (.kpa) file type and format used by the KP3 Editor, Korg's proprietary software tool for programming and configuring Korg's KAOSS PAD KP3 sampler/effect processor/groovebox. The KP3 device and its successor KP3+ are designed for real-time effect processing and sample looping by performance DJ's, while KP3 Editor streamlines the process of setting up a KP3/KP3+ box, loading desired samples and loops, and backing up KP3 data on a computer for future use.

The .kpa file type is used in KP3 Editor to save all data, including four samples (Bank A to Bank D), program memory, and global parameters and settings. The .kpa file acts as a single container for different types of KP3 data. A .kpa file can be saved on a computer, once the data is received from the KP3 device using the "RECEIVE" button. Similarly, a previously saved .kpa file can be loaded in KP3 Editor and transferred to the KP3 device via the "TRANSMIT" button. Because of their proprietary format, such .kpa files can be opened (loaded) in Korg's KP3 Editor only.


Software to open or convert KPA files

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